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The corporate objective of FREQTECH is to supply world class quartz crystal devices, which are collectively called microprocessor crystals, crystal filters, clock oscillators and ceramic resonators, to a global market place. Electronic appliances of all kinds require one important element – the essential rythm which enables appliances to adjust and function.

FREQTECH provides a comprehensive range of elements for frequency control, from standard operating to high stability conditions. We offer a broadest array of crystal devices, reaching from our Far Eastern manufacturing sites to our advanced service and distribution centre in Germany. To provide a high standard of service to customers FREQTECH also maintains extensive stocks of completed product in standard frequencies and specifications, available for immediate dispatch.

Our strict quality control program from the raw materials to the final product stage has givens us an outstanding reputation in the industry. Every employee at FREQTECH, from production to quality control, from sales to shipping, are instructed to perform the highest quality standard in each job area. Our strong engineering teams work with you from prototypes to volume production. "It is easy to do business with FREQTECH" – a comment we constantly hear from our customers, representatives and distributors. Close working relationship, knowledgeable technical support and friendly service can always be expected from FREQTECH. Miniaturization, tight tolerance, high stability, automatic assembly and passing savings to our customers are our goals. We constantly improve our designs and develop new products to meet all frequency control requirements.

The dual "from stock or made-to-order" system ensures a high level of customer service. Our products are used throughout the electronics industry including telecom, satellite, microprocessor, aerospace, automotive, industrial, instrumentation and medical applications. The FREQTECH business team is one of the most experienced in the industry. Our professional and efficient approach has made FREQTECH a preferred vendor for many leading electronics OEMs and CEMs.

FREQTECH is Germany´s fastest-growing supplier of frequency control products. Our continued success in a competitive marketplace is a tribute to our product quality and excellent service.

The electronics and technology-related industries are developing rapidly. FREQTECH has the resources and flexibility to support the needs of every ambitious customer.

This qualifies us to be your supplier for your first and second source.
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