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Custom Made Products

We produce frequency control components according to your specifications, even in small quantities.
Send us your required specification and we will offer an individual solution after consulting our experienced engineers within a few days.

The world of quartz crystals and oscillators from a single source.

We offer the biggest variety of frequency control components in Europe.
Our portfolio includes more than 40 brands, including global brands like Epson, Citizen, Sunny and Abracon.
We are in direct contact with agents in Japan, China, the United States and Europe.
These long-term partnerships offer numerous advantages. We have the ability to offer hard to get products as well as already discontinued components. Frankly speaking, if we cannot offer a certain component, our competitors aren´t able as well. In addition we offer useful alternative solutions concerning price and availability.

Check us right now!
It is our pleasure to support you.
We are an independent distributor.
Our goal is to offer easy to get products with advantages in pricing, short-term and long-term availability. This is what we understand when talking about service.

FREQTECH - your preferred supplier of crystals and oscillators